The mission of Deerfield Community Church is to experience, share, and grow in God’s life-giving love. Inspired by the Holy Scriptures, we come together in the name of Jesus Christ to worship, pray, learn, and serve. We hope you can join us!

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Church Bells Ringing for Aleppo

On October 12, one church in Finland began ringing it’s bells at 5p.m. in protest of the continued destruction of the 3000 year old city of Aleppo. The bells are a demand to end the killings and devastation in that city. This organic movement has led to church bells ringing at hundreds of churches around the world at 5pm each day. The bells will ring until October 24, United Nations Day.

Deerfield Community Church will join with other churches around the world. Starting today, October 18 until October 24 our church bells will ring at 5 p.m.

We continue to pray for peace and hold those affected by this terrible war in our hearts.

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At Deerfield Community Church, our Sunday morning services and special seasonal offerings, as well as life-cycle ceremonies such as weddings and memorial services, are all in the context of Christian worship.



Learning about Christianity and the spiritual path is a lifelong process. Naturally, understanding of scripture evolves as one matures, so that reading the same text at age 20 reveals new treasures at age 30, 40, 50, and so on.



Deerfield Community Church’s mission statement affirms that “we come together in the name of Jesus Christ to worship, pray, learn, and serve.” In so many ways, these four actions are entwined.



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