Lent Small groups prepare for sabbatical by focusing on Holy Spirit (books bought by Lilly Grant)

April 2 Launching Party – an evening with a Caribbean-theme send-off in the Great Room
Planning team: Steve Scholtz (stevegs747@yahoo.com), Jacqui Dion (jacquidion@gmail.com), Cindy Tomilson, (n1gt@hotmail.com), Angel Paradis (pixiedust3@metrocast.net)

April 3 Pastor Carol’s last Sunday before leaving for sabbatical

April-June Preaching and three classes on breathing and Spirit led by the Rev. Dr. Emily Geoghegan

June 10-12 All-church retreat for two nights at Camp Sentinel (for retreat details, see page 4)
Planning team: Sue Robertson (SRober1942@aol.com), Jennifer Hurley (jennandjillian1@yahoo.com), Kris Shores, (obiecat81@yahoo.com), Angel Paradis (pixiedust3@metrocast.net), Marion Smith (breezewood207@aol.com), Amy Lockwood (alockwood@metrocast.net), Cindy Bradley (cookingrandma@tds.net)

July 9 Coming-About Party, a daytime post-sabbatical reunion with Pastor Carol on the Seacoast, with lots of fun and a catered feast of seafood and optional entrees (when sailing, “come about” means change direction)
Planning Team: Steve Scholtz (stevegs747@yahoo.com), Amy Lockwood (alockwood@metrocast.net)

July 10 Pastor’s first time in worship after sabbatical
Planning: Jocelyn Messier (jocie1023@aol.com), Jude Capelle (judes4girls@yahoo.com), Pastor Carol


The four Sundays of Advent begun on November 29. The worship theme is “Expecting.” Christmas Eve services will take place at 5 and 7 p.m. The earlier service features the Chancel Choir and singing and dancing by our church’s children. The later service is a good choice if you p\refer a quite, meditative style of worship.