AboutDeerfield Community Church is a vibrant congregation of people of all ages who are growing into the powerfully new way of living that Jesus Christ opened to humankind.  While deepening spiritually and translating faith into action, we joyfully celebrate the Living God’s ongoing presence and guidance.

In keeping with our Congregational roots, DCC stands in the free-church tradition, preaching the Gospel and also respecting the right of individuals to prayerfully make their own decisions about faith and practice. Affiliated with the United Church of Christ denomination, we seek to be welcoming to all,  respecting diversity in a way that enhances our unity and connection with God.


P astor: The Reverend Carol Meredith Called to be our Pastor and Teacher by congregational vote in 1999, Carol Meredith leads worship, teaches classes, and provides pastoral care, theological reflection, and leadership at DCC.  She is a graduate o...

UCC Denomination

Since 1983, our church has been a member of the national denomination the United Church of Christ (UCC).  A brief description of our 1.1 million member denomination follows; for a more complete picture, go to ucc.org. The UCC came into being in 1957 ...