PAbout - Leadership - Pastor Carolastor: The Reverend Carol Meredith

Called to be our Pastor and Teacher by congregational vote in 1999, Carol Meredith leads worship, teaches classes, and provides pastoral care, theological reflection, and leadership at DCC.  She is a graduate of Boston University School of Theology, where she earned her Master of Divinity degree. Throughout her life, Pastor Carol has been devoted to deepening her understanding and experience of spirituality. Having grown up in the Christian tradition, she explored other belief systems and approaches to the transcendent before returning to Christianity two decades ago with renewed vision and dedication.  She entered ministry as a second vocation, having previously worked as a writer and editor for magazines and newspapers, a public relations specialist, and author of books about interior design and architecture.  During a hiatus from the “real world” in her twenties, she even worked as a cook and deck hand on charter sailboats in the Caribbean. Today, sailing continues to be one of her passions, in addition to hiking, bicycling, and spending time with her husband, the Rev. Dr. David Reynolds.

Music Leadership:

Andy Inzenga brings great talent, energy, and humor to his role as Music Director at DCC. Since 2011, he has directed our Chancel Choir and served as worship pianist extraordinaire. In addition to his work at DCC, Andy is on the music staff at the Cooperative Middle School for Exeter, Stratham, and surrounding towns. Andy received his education at UNH, where he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music Education before going on to receive his Ph.D. in Education in 2000. Comfortable with a variety of musical styles, Andy’s repertoire includes traditional hymns, classical pieces, jazz, rock, and folk. Fun fact: Andy once toured the Northeast as part of Merseyside, a Beatles tribute band.

Walt Kutylowski is the other half of DCC’s musical leadership. He directs Jubilee, an informal ensemble with folk, gospel, and rock undercurrents, while also playing guitar and spearheading duets and trios singing during worship. Walt is founding member of the Deerfield Coffeehouse Band, half of the singing/songwriting duo known as Fat Hands, and member of the bluegrass group Cordwood. Walt has two grown sons, lives in Deerfield, works in printing in Concord, and pursues photography and art as additional outlets for his creativity.

Children’s Worship Leader: Jennifer Hurley

Lay Leaders:

Church members and friends serve in a variety of ways, as indicated on the following list.  Our system of governance is “bottom-up,” operating much like a democracy, with members of the local church making Spirit-led decisions about how to best live out our mission. Since our church is governed by the people, nominated candidates are voted on by members at the Annual Meeting, which takes place on the fourth Sunday of January.

Moderator: Tony Fusco
Clerk: Jocelyn Messier
Treasurer: Jackie Nyberg
Assistant Treasurer: Carol Tordoff

Support Deacons:
 Tim Griffin
Discipling: Judy Bush
Reaching Out: Claudia Rocca
Stewardship: Brad Owens

Trustees: Maron Low (chair), Bob Bradley, and Sarah Lion

Representative Council: Brenda Lehman, Diane Shores, Judy Capelle, Jocelyn Messier, Anne Crawn, Phyllis Langlois, Nate Oxnard, Jacqui Dion, Angel Paradis, Tom Rocca, Fred Hicks, Linda Meyer

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