Special guest at DCC

New Hampshire UCC Conference Minister Gordon Rankin will be a special guest preacher on Sunday, Nov, 17. We hope everyone will join us for worship that day at 9 a.m.

Dress-A-Girl event Saturday

The sew day for Dress a Girl Around the World is Saturday, Nov. 2 from set-up starting at 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Dress a Girl Around the World is a Campaign under Hope 4 Women International (a 501 (c) 3 organization) bringing dignity to women around the world since 2006.  Hope 4 Women International is a nondenominational independent Christian organization.  Visit their website to learn more at Hope 4 Women International

The dream is world in which every girl has at least one new dress, teaching girls that they are worthy of respect, and that they are loved by God.

On Saturday, come and make one of several style dresses for the girls, and take a break from sewing to chat and share a harvest lunch!  Bring a dish to share, or not, as suits you.  Either way, join in the joy and satisfaction of lovingly dressing one of God’s girls in need somewhere around the world!

dressagirlContact:  Marion Smith, 207-461-0266.

Messy Church this Sunday at DCC

Sunday at DCC, we are experimenting with a new and different style of worship – one that is intentionally designed to be intergenerational and interactive. This is one of the many new worship styles that churches world-wide are exploring as we reach out to folks who are not currently involved in Christian community. To support our growing understanding of what is happening in a denomination that calls itself “reformed and reforming,” Pastor Lisa Stedman offers a set of reading and internet resources for your perusal, including https://messychurchusa.org

Please feel invited and encouraged to engage each other (and Lisa) in conversation around this topic!!

The name and idea of “messy church” is taken from an organized effort that began in Britain. This is the basis for some of what we are trying in our own ‘mess’.  DCC has not ‘officially joined’ the Messy Church USA, nor is it our intention to do so. We are ‘borrowing and exploring’ ideas.

-       A way of being church for all! Ages join in experiencing fun & faith formative activities

-       Found throughout the globe

-       Based on the values of all-ages together, celebration, creativity, hospitality and centering ourselves in Christ

Messy Church started in an Anglican church near Portsmouth, UK, in 2004 and has grown into an international movement operating across a wide range of Christian denominations and traditions.

Messy Church enables people of all ages to belong to Christ together through their local church. It is a way of being church which is a particularly suited to families, but welcoming to all. It meets at a time and on a day that suits local families and is particularly welcoming to people who have never belonged to a church before.

Today, Messy Church has spread to at least over 4000 registered Messy Churches in 30 different countries. World-wide, over 500,000 worship monthly at Messy Church.




Holy Week Services Schedule



Thursday, April 18– Maundy Thursday supper, followed by Service

with Communion 6 p.m.

Friday, April 19– Good Friday 7:30 p.m. service, concluding with Cross Walk

Sunday April 21– Easter Sunday sunrise service 5:45 a.m. at Meetinghouse Hill,

followed by breakfast potluck in the Great Room

Easter Sunday worship at 10 a.m.

Dress-A-Girl Around the World April 28

On Saturday, April 28, talented volunteers led by Marion Smith will spend the day sewing dresses for needy girls around the world.

This annual project begins at 8:30 a.m. in the Deerfield Community Church Great Room, and continues until 2 p.m. The goal is to create as many dresses as possible.

Dress a Girl Around the World is a Campaign under Hope 4 Women International (a 501 (c) 3 organization) bringing dignity to women around the world since 2006.  Hope 4 Women International is a nondenominational independent Christian organization.  Volunteers and organizers  dream of a world in which every girl has at least one new dress and want girls to know that they are worthy of respect, and that they are loved by God.

DressAGirl 102718

Farewell service –Moved to January 27!!


There will NOT be worship at DCC on January 20. 

After 20 years of dedicated service, the Rev. Carol Meredith has announced her retirement as Pastor and Teacher of the Deerfield Community Church, United Church of Christ here in Deerfield.

January 27 will be her last day, with a farewell service at 9 a.m.

Pastor Carol has touched the lives of so Meredith head shot 4 (2)many over the last two decades. She will be missed and we all wish her joy in retirement. Everyone is invited to jin her for her final service and the farewell reception in the DCC Great Room.


Advent Worship Series

Advent devotionalThe season of Advent has begun. This year’s worship series is called “Calm and Bright,” with a focus on the 200th anniversary of the beloved carol “Silent Night.”

To enhance your spiritual practice at home, come by the church to pick up an Advent daily devotional booklet, located in the foyer and in the Great Room. If you’d like to donate to help cover the cost of printing, that would be appreciated, but certainly not required.

Email us at admin@deerchurch.org and we will send you a digital copy of the devotional.

Christmas Kids Dance

Christmas Eve dancersJacqui Dion is looking for children ages 4 and up who would like to participate in a sacred dance at the 5 p.m. Christmas Eve service.  There will be four practices; dates and times to be determined.  Please contact Jacqui with any questions: jacquidion@gmail.com.

Reach Out Through OGHS

One Great Hour of Sharing is an annual offering within the United Church of Christ that carries God’s message of love and hope to people in crisis.

Funds raised help our denomination work with international partners to provide sources of clean water, food, education, health care, small business micro-credit, and emergency relief.  Look for the donation envelopes and baskets in the foyer and Great Room.  Checks should be made out to Deerfield Community Church with “OGHS” in the memo line.  The collection runs throughout April.

Easter Sunday

Come celebrate the Risen Christ! Worship in our sanctuary at 10 a.m. includes brass, choir, children’s dance, and lots of lilies. Sunrise service is at 6:30 a.m. in the field east of 44 Meetinghouse Hill Road. He is risen