Education - AdultsLearning about Christianity and the spiritual path is a lifelong process.  Naturally, understanding of scripture evolves as one matures, so that reading the same text at age 20 reveals new treasures at age 30, 40, 50, and so on.  In addition to gaining wisdom through Bible study, church members find that thoughtful exploration of films, books, experiential techniques, other faith traditions, and new ideas and theories nurtures connection with God, each other, and our deeper selves.  Thus our church offers a wide variety of adult education opportunities.

Coming to spiritual study and practice with the fresh openness of “beginner’s mind” is a central concept in Zen Buddhism, and that same sort of humility and lack of preconceptions is beneficial for those who seek to learn through the programs at Deerfield Community Church.  You’ll find that educational gatherings are casual and friendly, with no need for previous experience or knowledge.

The following present offerings will give you a better idea of our church’s approach to adult education.

    Every Sunday morning after our church service at beginning at 10:15 we offer several small groups.

    Other opportunities for devotions and spiritual study:

    ~Thursday Bible Study: Meets at 10 am and delves into the inspired books of the Bible, lead by Pastor Carol

    ~Thursday Devotional Group: Meets 7-7:30 am for reflection and prayer

    ~Men’s Ministry: Men’s Breakfast, meets 7 am on the third Saturday of every month.
    Guys In Grace (GIG) meet every Thursday at 8:30 a.m. for fellowship, prayer and discussion.

    ~Women’s Ministry: Wed. Women: meets every other Wednesday morning for fellowship
    Ladies Ministry: meets once per month for activities (play, crafts, etc)

    ~All Adults: Reel Faith
    Growing in God’s Grace (3G-101)

  • “Romp Through the Bible” is a high-speed overview offered annually by our pastor about the origins, structure, and key themes of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.
  • In-depth Bible studies have focused on the books of Luke, Isaiah, Job, Matthew, Acts, James and others, as well as on themes such as covenant and forgiveness.
  • “Exploring the Way: An Introduction to the Spiritual Journey” was a six-session introduction to Christian spirituality in which participants experienced practices such as breath prayer, sacred reading, holy listening, spiritual self-assessment and journaling.
  • “Boundaries: When to Say Yes and When to Say No to Take Control of Your Life,” using a book and video by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, used Christian principles to show how being responsible for oneself without being overly responsible for others improves relationship with God, others, and self.
  • “Getting to Know Our Religious Neighbors,” an ongoing dialog with other world faiths, has thus far featured speakers on Judaism and Islam.
  •  “Drink From the Well” and “Our Journey in Faith: Giving It Up to God” are examples of themes of two church retreats held in recent years.
  • New Members Classes are offered annually to teach basics of Christian faith and practice and to give an overview of our local church and denomination.
  • Growing in God’s Grace 101 – A seven-week gathering for anyone who would like to explore the Christian faith, experience prayer and community, and focus on using stregnths and gifts for good in the world.
  • “Unbinding your Heart” – An inspiring six-week program focused on prayer and faith sharing.

We welcome you to join us on the exciting journey of expanding spirit, heart, and mind!

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